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Product Information:

  • 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • 2.5L
  • UP TO 14 HR
  • 11 MODE


  • Plasmacluster 7,000 ions/cm2
  • HEPA Filter + Deodorisation Filter
  • Odour/Dust/Temperature/ Humidity/Light/Motion Sensor
  • Intelligent Mode, Haze Mode, Anti-Dust Mode, Auto-Restart, Child Lock, On/Off Timer

• The filter itself may produce an odour and need to be replaced after several months if the air purifier is used to reduce strong odours, such as cigarette smoke or grilled meat.
• Use the air purifier in combination with room ventilation for strong odours.
• Not all harmful substances in cigarette smoke (e.g., carbon monoxide) can be removed.
• Not all commonly occurring odours (e.g., pet odours) can be removed.
• Heat from air drawn in is lost when water evaporates from the humidifier filter, so the temperature of the outgoing airflow is lower than the room temperature.
• Use tap water to fill the water tank.


Colour White/Black
Plasmacluster Ion Density 7,000
Recommended AreaAir Purifying*1 28m2
Humidifying*2 18m2
Plasmacluster Ion*3 21m2
HumidifyingHumidifying Capacity 400ml/hr
Tank Capacity 400ml/hr
Power Input(W) (Max/Med/Low)W/O Humidifying 31/12/5.0
With Humidifying 24/14/6.5
Operation Mode Max/Med/Low Pollen/Sleep
Inverter Operation Yes
Mosquito Trap Function -
Filter TypeDust Collection HEPA Filter*4
Deodorisation Yes
Pre-Filter Fine-meshed
Humidifying Yes
Filter LifeDust Collection Up to 10 years*5
Deodorisation Up to 10 years*5
Humidifying Up to 10 years
SensorOdour No
Dust Collection Yes
Temp. and Humidity Yes
Clean Sign IndicatorDust Monitor 7 steps
Odour Sign 7 steps
Light Control Button Bright/Dim/Off
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 345 x 631 x 262
Weight (kg) 9.2
Replacement FilterHEPA Filter FZ-D40HFE
Deodorising Filter FZ-G40DFE
Humidifying Filter FZ-G60MFE
Replacement Unit -
Replacement Glue Sheet -

*1 Recommended room size: Measured based on the JEM 1467 standard of Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association.
*2 Measurement conditions: 20°C, 30% humidity (JEM 1462)
*3 Size of a room in which approximately 25,000 ions or 7,000 ions can be measured per cm³ in the centre of the room (at a height of approximately 1.2 metres from the floor) when the product is placed next to a wall and operated at the maximum operation position.
*4 HEPA is defined by Japan Electrical Manufacturer’s Association Standard, JEM 1467. The filter removes more than 99.97% of 0.3-micron dust particles.
*5 At a smoking rate of five cigarettes per day.

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