Service Agreement For Airconditioner

Under this agreement, Gain City Best Electric Pte Ltd will provide service to the equipment schedule hereunder. Our technicians will report any apparant unsual operating conditions found at the time of service.

Routine service will include any or all of the listed items that are applicable to your equipemnt:

  1. Systematic examination and cleaning of fancoil.
  2. Check all safety circuits of units.
  3. Check suction and discharge pressure of the compressors.
  4. Check on seals and pipelines for leakages, repair if necessary (chargeable).
  5. Check, clean and wash fancoil's air filter.
  6. Check on bolts and nuts for lightness and corrosion.
  7. Check and clean cooling coil, water tray and blower.
  8. Test run the air conditioner unit after each servicing and repair work.
  9. This service does not include chemical wash and condenser unit servicing.

After each service, our technicians will present our service order for your signature to signify that the job is satisfactorily completed.

This routine service is available between 8.30a.m to 5.30p.m from Monday to Saturday.

If following the service report by our technicians, any work which is beyond the scope of this agreement is recommended, we will forward to you a fault report and an itemmised quotation to remedy the fault for your consideration.

Mechanical service provided will not include labour, transportation charges, expense or material necessary to repair damage to the equipment caused by accident or abuse arising from acts of third person or any force of nature. Although every care will be take, Gain City Best Electric Pte Ltd will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits, loss of property of suits by third parties arising-out of the operation of failure of the equipment, or it;s controls, not for material or labour delays.

The agreement is made with the understanding that:

  1. The equipment is certified to be in good operating condition at the date of agreement.
  2. This agreement is valid only upon receipt of payment.

These terms are not assignable without the consent of the Company and will remain effective until terminated by either party herein, upon thirty days written notice to the effect.

It is only in the event of termination by the Company that the rebate of fee will be made on the basis of unexpired quaterly periods.