What's the deal with condensation?



Condensation is never a good thing when it comes to cold water or refrigeration piping. It can cause any number of costly problems-- from deteriorating the thermal conductivity of insulation to loss of cooling performance and damage from piping leaking etc.

Why does it occur? 

Condensation happens when warm air meets a cold surface, giving rise to tiny water droplets forming on said surface. When there is more moisture in the air, a greater volume of water will appear. Thick insulation reduces the nett heat gain and loss from the pipes during the cooling process. The evaporator coil is an important piece of equipment which prevents the deterioration of thermal conductivity within the insulator. Should it be left unattended and choked up without regular maintenance or through improper temperature settings, the insulator will fail to work properly, causing a greater volume of water to appear through condensation. As this can be avoided through regular maintenance, air-conditioning companies do not cover condensation within their installation warranties.

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