Applicants are to attach copies of educational and relevant certificates to this application form.

Please tell us about yourself 个人资料

Please tell us about your family 家 庭 成 员


Please tell us about your educational background 教 育 程 度


Please tell us about your proficiency in languages 语 言 精 通 程 度

(Please indicate V. Good, Average or Fair 请写明很好, 好, 挺好或一般水平)


Please tell us about your working experience 工 作 经 验

(Start from current / latest position 请按最新顺序填写)


General Information about yourself 一 般 资 料


Self Declaration & Disclaimer申请者声明

Your character references 品 格 參 考 人

(Names of Relatives should not be given 不可填入亲戚的姓名)

Formal Declaration of Applicant 申请者正式声明

I hereby declare that the information provided in this Employment Application Form is correct and true. 本人在此声明工作申请表格内所提供的所有个人信息全部真实有效。

I understand that should any information provided is found to be false and/or inaccurate, it will be sufficient grounds for my immediate dismissal by the company AND I will be held personally liable for any loss (including economic loss) and/or damage to the company 若所提供资料有不正确或不实之处,,丰城有权立即终止聘用。同时本人也必须为丰城所承担的任何损失(包括经济损失)负责。

I also HEREBY CONSENT to the company: 本人同意丰城所提条件如下:

1. Asking me to submit such original documents as listed in this Employment Application Form; 要求本人呈交申请表格内所提出的所有正本文件;

2. Interviewing me on my relationship(s) with friends / family members / relatives who are employed by or who have close connections with the company’s competitors; and 若本人有任何亲属或朋友在丰城或同行公司任职,丰城将有权对本人口头查询;

3. Instructing relevant third parties (such as private investigators, solicitors etc) or existing staff of the company to conduct such background checks on me and/or my family members as necessary at the sole discretion of the company; 若有需要,丰城有权聘请律师,私家侦探或寻找公司内的员工等调查本人及亲属的背景;

I undertake that I will : 本人同意:

1. Extend my full-cooperation to such interviews and investigations; 全力配合丰城所进行的相关查询;

2. Indemnify Gain City Group of companies including and/or its affiliated companies fully during the course of such investigations; and 当丰城进行对本人的查询时, 丰城及其附属公司将不受任何处罚及赔偿制约;

3. Abide by all rules, regulations and policies of the company should I be accepted for employment. 若被聘用, 本人将遵守丰城所定下的所有条规及政策。