Are you looking to dispose of your faulty or old bulky home appliances?

Gain City is Singapore's leading IT, electronics and electrical retailer. As a responsible business, Gain City is certified and is an authorised recycling service provider under the NEA's National Voluntary Partnership for E-waste Recycling.

Old bulky home appliance units may contain harmful metals, plastics and chemicals that should not be disposed-off irresponsibly that may end up in our diminishing land-fill and polluting our environment for years to come. Refrigeration units contain harmful ozone depleting refrigerants that should not be vented into the atmosphere and can be recovered responsibly by using specialised HVAC refrigerant recovery equipment.

Gain City e-waste recycling centre at our Sungei Kadut facility will professionally dismantle and separate the different type of metal (sorted) and plastic (grinded down to pellets) components present in your bulky appliance parts to be sent for proper recycling.

Below are some bulky home appliances that Gain City will collect from your home on an appointment basis, with disposal fee (waived) during our promotional roadshow periods in 2018.

e-Waste Type Metals Plastics Disposal Service Fee
Washer Y Y FOC
Dryer Y Y FOC
Fridge Y Y FOC
Desktop PC Y - FOC
Audio Systems Y - FOC
Other Bulky Appliances - - Please inquire

Roadshow From To Collection Area
Expo Hall 6B 5 Jul 2019 7 Jul 2019 FOC – Islandwide

Small e-Waste items such as mobile phones, notebook computers, DVD players, lithium-ion batteries, wiring etc that can fit into our RENEW bin (470mm x 120mm slot) can be dropped off at any of our Gain City showrooms at Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut, Ang Mo Kio, Tampines One or Marina Square Mall.

If you have any bulky home appliances lying around, take the eco-friendly route and make an appointment with Gain City for a fast and professional disposal service.

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