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4 Button Control

Intuitively laid out control buttons for easy operation.

Water Power

Simply pressing the Water Power button lets you change the flow of water in 5 steps from powerful (2) for hard, thick items to Soft (-2) for soft, delicate items.

Shower Plus

You can add water as desired during a wash while looking through the glass to check. Simply press the Shower Plus button once, and the water level increases by one.

Fine Adjustment Settings

Just press the up / down buttons until water level, wash time, rinses number and spin time settings are all as desired.

Lid Open



Auto Self Clean - 
The Tub Stain Fighter

Every time you wash your washing machine automatically cleans itself! 
So you can always enjoy washing in a clean tub.

Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction

A shower of clean water cleans the tub as the stainless steel tub rotates at high speeds, and the blades and the tub rotate to powerfully agitate the tub and clean off the dirt.

Tub Clean & Dry Programs - More Way to Keep the Clean Tub

Regularly using the two programs located in the control panel together with Auto Self Clean keeps the tub clean.

  • Tested by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
  • Test methods: Measurement of the rate of decrease of bacteria on plates attached to the outer tube and the stainless steel tube when using the Auto Self Clean function. 
    Measurement of the decrease of mold spores on culture plates attached to the outer tube and the stainless steel tub when using the Auto Self Clean function.


Dynamic-Stream Wash

Dynamic Wide Shower

Efficient circulation of a large volume of water effectively removes dirt from deep in the fibers without damaging fabrics.

4-Step Penetration Wash

Concentrated detergent solution penetrates deep into fabrics to wash away even stubborn dirt and stains.

Exceptionally Clean Results!



Tangle-Free Finish

When the spin cycle ends, the pulsator repeatedly moves clockwise and counterclockwise, first making items fall off the tub wall and then untangling them. This unique Hitachi feature makes it easy to take the clothes out of the tub. And minimal tangling means fewer wrinkles on clothes.



Glass Top Design

The tempered glass top is totally flat, making it easy to clean off water, detergent and dirt with a quick wipe.



Sensor Lock Safety System

The sensor detects if the lid is opened or closed with a lid lock.



Designed for Easy 

Each part is designed for easy maintenance to keep them clean without any dirt and lint left.

Washable Softener Dispenser

Large Entangling Lint Filter




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Capacity (KG) Dynamic Stream Wash
RPM Auto Self Clean
WELS Rating 3 Ticks
No. Of Wash Cycles Anti Bacterial Lint
Inverter Tampered Glass Top
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