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Consumer habits tend to change over time, but the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing consumers to reconfigure their lives, their habits and their spending patterns at a speed and scale the world has never seen, The COVID-19 outbreak has forced a recalibration of consumer habits that will see consumption patterns forever changed. With a large percentage of the world now in lockdown and experiencing what it means to have restricted movement, limited access to physical stores and an expanded reliance on digital connectivity, Gain City wants to look beyond the day-to-day maelstrom and adjust for a new normal. “Long term, we and others in the industry predict that the shift in consumer behaviour – opting for online purchases – is likely to outlast the crisis”.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times with million now at home, many consumers are going online to purchase products and services,” – Terence Ang, Head Digital Marketing & Ecommerce. “In Singapore, the Circuit Breaker has changed lives for all of us, with consumers buying electronic and furniture – to support work, communication, school and entertainment – as well as home goods and DIY products”.

With the world transforming against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers are struggling to find effective ways to engage members of their audience. At Gain City; together with a selected group of content creators – influencers to increase our engagement in the face of the present crisis. We want these influencers to help our online communities cope with fear and also helping them make critical buying decisions.

As we grapples with corporate social responsibility, marketing approach, and financial sustainability during the spread of COVID-19, partnering with these 10 influencers is one option to thrive despite economic disruption. At the start of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period these 10 influencers recorded an original composition and posted on Gain City Facebook and garned more than 500,000 views within 3 days.

Starting 20 April 2020, Monday – Friday, 8pm 10 influencers will appear LIVE on Gain City Facebook. They will be updating any new development on COVID 19, changes we need to adhered to and introducing the latest products and deals available via


1. Cyrus @CyrusTalks
2. Seraphina @SeraphinaGenesis


3. Tyler @tylerhikaru
4. Cyrus @CyrusTalks


5. DeZhong @deprinceofzhong
6. Glenn @glenncheow
7. Alicia @aliciacho


8. Rio @RioTylor99
9. Alicia @smilealotgal
10. Roza @kazzrozza


11. Rio @RioTylor99
12. Alvina @musicalvina

#StayHome #ShopSafe with Gain City. Happy Shopping