This is why GAIN CITY is BETTER!

PVC Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes that are not properly insulated or not inclined at the proper gradient will cause condensation. This results in air-conditioning leakages and increases the risk of damaning your furnishings.

Wire Cables

Different grades of wires are used in air-conditioning installation. The consequences of using sub-standard or under-sized wires could result in potential electrical short circuits or even fire hazards!

1/2" Armaflex Class 1 Insulation

Tubes with inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause leakages. These problems will only surface later and you will end up spending more in the long run. Exclude EUROPACE and DAIKIN.


The way brackets are welded affects its quality and grade; low quality brackets will rust prematurely. Brackets that do not meet government regulations are classified as illegal installation which carry sever penalties!

Copper Pipes

The quality of copper pipes utilised for installation affects its lifespan. Inferior copper pipes cannot withstand high gas pressure and may result in gas leakages, leading to premature failure of your air-conditioner. Exclude EUROPACE and DAIKIN.

Vacuum Air-Con

Gain City promises that during air-con installations, every step is taken to ensure that your systems perform at the optimum levels. Vacuum pumps (15 minutes duration) are used to remove air from the system to prevent refrigerant from mixing with air. This is to optimize the efficiency of the system.

Are you paying more or less? Or are you paying for an installation that is not durable?
Solve your problems with our useful tips:

  • As reported in “The Straits Times”, close to 40% of air conditioner problems can be attributed to haphazard and shabby installations. These often lead to rusting, malfunctioning, water clogging, gas leaking and other undesirable consequences, resulting in unnecessary monetary loss and time wastage.
  • When an air conditioner is professionally and securely installed, it should last for several years. Inferior rubber insulation tubes, copper pipes, wires and brackets can have adverse effects on the performance of your air conditioner. Do compare and question the installation materials used by your air conditioner retailer based on our guidelines.
  • At Gain City, we take pride in our installation services and we do not compromise on the materials used. All installations carried out by Gain City’s BCA-certified technicians adhere to the highest standards in accordance to government regulations. Top quality workmanship certainly worth your time and investment.

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